Frequently asked questions

1) What is an escape room

An escape room is a recreational game in which you are locked up with your own team and have to escape within a predetermined time.
To succeed, you will have to solve and complete a series of riddles, puzzles or assignments.
As a result, you will also be sucked further and further into the story, so that you will imagine yourself in a real film.
But watch out; an escape room at The Missing Link contains several rooms, so don't be fooled by the term "escape room".

2) How long does an escape room take?

This depends on which room you are playing.
If you have booked “till death do us part”, your adventure will last 75 minutes.
If you have booked “Jumanji”, your adventure will last 70 minutes.

3) Is an escape room scary?

In our Jumanji escape room it can sometimes be a bit dim and there is a nocturnal atmosphere. There can also sometimes be sound or light effects, but these are not really scary.
In our Till death do us part escape room you will probably often be shocked, this room is made to scare the hell out of the players (although this of course depends on where everyone's limit is).

4) Is an escape room safe?

We are very strictly monitored by the municipality and the fire brigade and have to comply with very strict regulations, so there is nothing to fear in terms of safety.
There are always emergency buttons in the escape rooms that ensure that players can leave the game at any time.

5) How old do you have to be to play an escape room?

This varies on which room you want to play:
At Till death do us part there is a minimum age of 14 years due to the "creepy factor" of the game. Of course that depends on person to person. This is not a guarantee that a 14 year old will not have fear in the escape room.
At Jumanji, children are allowed to participate in a family from the age of 8. These children may not really be able to solve puzzles on their own, but they will certainly have fun in the beautiful decors and contribute.

6) Are the escape rooms suitable for groups consisting of only children?

Till death do us part can be played by groups of only children (not the faint of heart) from the age of 14.
Jumanji can be played by groups of only children from the age of 14, younger children are possible but accompanied by at least 1 adult.

7) Is a good physical condition required?

No, in our escape rooms your physical condition will not be put to the test, your brain on the other hand…

8) I have a BEFEB voucher, can I redeem it at The Missing Link?

Yes, that's possible !
Unfortunately, our booking system cannot process this voucher automatically. Call us for this on +32 (0) 475 40 80 90.

9) In which languages ​​can you play the escape rooms?

You can play Jumanji in both Dutch and English.
Till death do us part can only be played in English.

10) Are the escape rooms wheelchair accessible?

No, both escape rooms require mobility.

11) Can I participate if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend either room for pregnant women.

12) Can I participate if I suffer from epilepsy?

Jumanji can be played without risk of epileptic seizures. Till death do us part contains stroboscopic light effects, which means there is a high risk of epileptic seizures for people with epilepsy.

13) What if we end up with fewer people than originally indicated in the reservation?

In this case you will receive the difference in price in the form of a gift voucher.